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Why Donald Trump Won & Hillary Clinton / Democrats Lost

Republicans, both politicians and republican constituents has hated Hillary Clinton for years. For the past 2 years, Hillary Clinton was investigated by Republicans for four deaths in Benghazi and for emails.

Hillary Clinton Should Not Have Ran for President

If Hillary and Bill Clinton had any sense, they would have been well aware of the fact that Hillary was the most disliked candidate Democrats could have as their presidential candidate and would unify the maximum number Republicans to get out and vote to defeat her.  Running for president was a huge mistake and top level democrats should have done everything possible to make sure she didn’t run.

The DNC is to Blame for Having Super Delegates

During the primaries, polls consistently showed Bernie Sanders beating Donald Trump.  Bernie Sanders could have beat Hillary Clinton and been the Democratic candidate if the DNC hadn’t rigged their election for Hillary Clinton with a cushion of hundreds of Super Delegate votes.

If Bernie Sanders had been the Democratic candidate there would have been no Russian involvement or scandals about emails or Benghazi for Trump and the news media to use as never ending propaganda.

So the DNC, Hillary and Bill Clinton are mostly to blame for Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election.


The Democratic Party Helped To Elect Donald Trump by Crowning Hillary Clinton As Their Nominee

A Best-Selling Author who writes passionately with Beauty, Power, Confidence, and Control Valdimir Putin through Wikileaks exposed the corruption and unethical behavior within the Democratic Party. The arrogance of Clinton’s campaign thought they could just blame the Russians without addressing the content of any of the documents leaked.

I totally agree with the above article…