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Sprint Credit Check Without my Permission

I went to a Sprint store in Ocala Florida to sign up for services.  The situation I wanted and was told I would be getting is that I would get a total of 4 phones by paying $190 cash for the 1st phone, get 3 more phones for free, pay the $60 activation fee for 2 lines and $64.50 per month for 4 lines.

First problem, when I came to sign up I was told by the sales guy I couldn’t get 4 lines until I was a customer for 1 year.

Next, I was told that I couldn’t pay $190 up front and then get the other 3 phones for free. The only option was to pay up to $140, then have the rest financed over 2 years. I also found that I would be having to pay $8 per month for each phone, so being told that I could buy 1 phone then get up to 6 more phones for free was false.

The sales guy said there was no paper work which would state I would be getting any phones for free in writing. I wold just have to trust them.

On top of that, I just found out that they ran a credit check on me without telling me and without my permission. At this point, I’m looking for an attorney to file a lawsuit.

If you had similar problems please contact me