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Bates Motel Series Review

I’m a fan of Alfred Hitchcock and the original Psycho with Anthony Perkins. I decided to watch EP1 of A&E’s Bates Motel on Netflix a few days ago until a unexpected violent rape scene started then I QUICKLY shut it off. Was one of the most DISGUSTING things I’ve ever seen. I feel violated and wish I could UN-see it.

A Buzzfeed article stated (link below) that “It’s graphic and hard to watch”. Anyone who could watch the entire Bates Motel Rape Scene is either a SICK PERVERT or sadist. That scene was TOTALLY uncalled for.

Can’t imagine how ANYONE could find watching a Rape Scene entertaining. Rape is bad enough in REAL LIFE… No excuse for it in movies for ENTERTAINMENT!

A&E should not have funded Bates Motel when they became aware of that scene. I remember when A&E had decent series like Sherlock Holmes and Lovejoy in the 1990’s and lived up to it’s name of Arts and Entertainment.

A&E should change their name to the TRASH CHANNEL BC it has become a channel which shows Low-Brow Garbage like “Growing Up Gotti’, “Duck Dynasty”, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and funded the production of Bates Motel X Rated Violent Rape Scenes.

In my opinion, AETV, Kerry Ehrin Productions, Kerry Ehrin, Carlton Cuse, Netflix plus everyone who funded, produced and continued watching Bates Motel after that Brutal Disgusting Rape Scene SUPPORTS VIOLENT RAPE IN MOVIES AND ON TV. 

Those who continued to watch and patronize this disgusting show legitimized, condoned and validated X Rated Violence. They also helped pay for it’s production by continuing to watch it.

I think the responsible thing to do is to SAY NO to X Rated Violence on TV and Movies by NOT watching and patronizing TRASH.

I think the responsible thing to do when you see something that is offensive is to TAKE ACTION by writing a NEGATIVE review to warn others about something they may find emotionally upsetting.

Rape is most women’s worst nightmare. It was a STUPID and INSENSITIVE decision to put such a heinous scene in this series which has it’s roots tied to the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho.

Instead of having a disgusting rape scene, the executive producer Kerry Ehrin of Kerry Ehrin Productions and Carlton Cuse should have had Norma Bates blow Keith Summers (a disgusting PIG) brains out with a shotgun as soon as he broke into her house. For those sickos who love blood and gore… they could have shown his blood and guts splattered all over the kitchen.

The beginning scene of EP1 Bates Motel showed “Norman Bates” setting by his dead father with no explanation of what happened to his father.  Also since this is a prequel, the time period should be in the 1950’s NOT 2000’s… another stupid error by the Producers.

Netflix should have posted a strong warning along with the description so viewers would know they would be seeing X Rated Violence. I am livid about this and feel betrayed by Netflix. I filed a formal complaint to Netflix’s customer service about their lack of warning about this disgusting piece of trash, removed it from my “continue to watch” and gave it the THUMBS DOWN. I’m also sending a complaint letter to the President of Netflix about this.

The Bates Motel Series SUCKS

If you agree and want to tell A&E, Netflix and the producers what you think, here’s their Twitter info;

#kerryehrinproductions @KerryEhrin #KerryEhrin @CarltonCuse @netflix #netflix @AETV #AETV

That Controversial “Bates Motel” Scene

Not that Bates Motel, A&E’s Psycho prequel, would ever be for the squeamish – we all know where Alfred Hitchcock’s story went, after all – but the pilot’s brutal rape and subsequent murder is certainly designed to swat away any dilettantes.