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Google Removing Sites and Engaging in Censorship

Google Removing Sites and Engaging in Censorship

Are you a website owner who had a website which used to show in google’s search results but now it’s nowhere to be found, yet your site is still on page 1 of Bing & Yahoo? If the answer is YES, your not alone.

In 2017, Google began removing independent sites & blogs from their index while primarily showing Big Business Corporate sites in their search results.

This is Freedom of Speech Censorship and Small Business Discrimination.

Small Business owners are being squeezed out by large corporate sites like Walmart, eBay and Amazon.

Political blog owners are also noticing that google is removing their sites from google’s index, thereby violating their freedom of speech while primarily showing large sites like Huffington Post, the Washington Post, MSNBC, FOX, CNN and the New York Times.

The Internet used to be a even playing field where anyone could express their point of view or sell their products online and be heard. Now, Google is putting their thumb on the scale in favor of Corporate Giants with deep pockets.

Since the public has been brainwashed into believing google is the best Search Engine, it gets the most traffic and visitors. Therefore, sites which google isn’t showing in their search results receives less traffic and visitors.  The public is also being negatively affected because they are being denied choices and access to information.

Google is NOT the Best Search Engine

The fact is that Google has always been a FLAWED Search Engine, which can be manipulated, and which doesn’t always show the best and most reliant websites in it’s search results.

Yahoo & Bing are much better search engines which shows more relevant sites in their search results which you won’t find in Google.

Try running a search in Google, then do the same search in Yahoo & Bing and you’ll find sites that you won’t find in Google.

It’s time the public wakes up and stops using Google… they discriminate against smaller sites and they don’t give the best search results.

Fight Back… Boycott Google!


Boycott Google

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