Liberty Mutual took money from my checking account

Liberty Mutual has some explaining to do when they take money out of a checking account and mess up a good account because they screw up and then when they were suppose to put the money back that they said they were going to do. They did not and so the company claims even after they admit to their mistake they still continue to screw up and then they said they would send the money in a check and that did not happen. Well now they said they need proof how much they stole out of the checking account and when they receive a faxed copy from the bank they still do not issue a check.

Now they claim they put it to the new policy which there was no record of when the broker looked into it.
They finally issued a statement of Some of the money that they stole and they refuse to see that they owe more and should fix the problem.

Now They go and add someone to a policy that does not belong to that policy.
When the broker was called on the change that had appeared in the policy statement. She asked ” You do not know who that is?” Wow how messed up is that!

I think this company needs to be looked into since they are making way too many mistakes.
I am looking for a new insurance company as I am writing this article but Mass seems to have very little companies because Liberty seems to have all the business.

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