HyperVRE Affiliate Program is Flawed

I have referred over 150 people to Matt the owner of HyperVRE and only received a commission for about 10.

I would bet that a lot of these referrals bought the upgrade later and I didn’t receive my due commission. There is no internal affiliate tracking system to tell if any of my referrals later purchased the upgrade. That is WRONG and very unfair. It would be easy for Matt to track all referrals.

I’ve read complaints from other affiliates who also makes lots of referrals but rarely gets paid anything.

The owner of HyperVRE always wins because each referral gets added to his optin list.

Most of the time I get NOTHING out of my referral except a “Congratulations, You just made a referral” email.

HyperVRE has the most flawed and unfair affiliate program I have encountered on the internet. I have stopped referring people because I’m sick & tired of never getting paid anything and helping build Matt Cullen’s list.

I think Matt should pay affiliates for each referral since we are helping him build his list

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