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I have several complaints about Flippa.com Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites.

First, their fee of $19 per site or domain just to create a listing.

Then, to get your listing to stand out amoung the thousands of other listings they charge $50 to feature your listing on the front page of Flippa “for a limited period” (quoted right from thier site).  They don’t specify weather it’s for a day, a few hours or any specific period of time.

If you want a screenshot of your site to appear alongside your listing, that costs an extra $20 and a Listing title in bold costs an extra $5

Flippa.com has so many listings that unless you pay extra to have your site featured and bolded, it’s unlikely that many buyers will even see your site.

If your site don’t sell, then all the money you spent getting your site listed goes down the toilet.

If your site does sell, then you have to pay a “Success Fee” of 5% X what ever your site sells for.  For instance, if your site sells for $10,000 you owe Flippa an extra $500 on top of all the listing fees you already paid.

I hate how they allow people to post negative comments on website auction ad details.  I hate how Flippa’s website shows the number of times I delete comments posted on my auction making it seems that I may have something to hide, even though the comments I delete is posted by idiots who seems to enjoy discrediting people’s web sites.

As of today’s date, Flippa.com’s webiste claims they have had $64,000,350 in website sales.  If they collected 5% success fees of $64 Million Dollars, that’s a lot of money to go into the pockets of the owners of Flippa.com.

Fortunately there’s now a new alternative called SiteFlipAuctions.com , which has NO SUCCESS fees.  Regular listings are only $9.00 and their featured listing upgrade is only $9.00 (Flippa charges $50).

Since the site is new, they are offering FREE listings for the 1st 200 site auction listings.

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