Chinese Restaurant Website Design Scam

I received a request from a ad posted on Craigslist from someone pretending to want a Chinese Restaurant Website Designed using the name Samson B. Walter.

After I sent him some design samples, here’s how he responded;

“Perfect i have a private project consultant, she has the text content and the logos for the site with the image artwork, so please go ahead and get back to me with an estimate also  will like to know if you are the owner or the manager

Here is what it was supposed to look like and is what i want to be shown on my website so please get back to me with an estimate on this

Samson B. Walter


Here’s a copy of the MS Word Document I received;

“Project  Name    Restaurant Website Development
Client Name    Samson Walter

1.    Website Development
User actors:
1.    Customer/Visitor
2.    Admin (Website  Owner)
•    Welcome Page(Home)
•    Menu
•    Gallery
•    Press/News & Events
•    Delivery & Catering
•    Reservation & Hotel
•    Contact Us
Welcome Page (Home)
•    About Us (Textual content only)
•   Services
This section will include the offered menu with the price. (For Example)
1.    Chinese menu listing (same things available if PDF form)
2.    Sushi menu listing (same things available if PDF form)
3.    Hibachi menu listing (same things available if PDF form)

1. Chinese – Following are the available sub categories
•    Soup
•    Appetizers
•    Chef’s Special
•    Seafood
•    Poultry
•    Beef
•    Pork, Etc

Chinese Menu pdf
The Menu PDF will be downloaded by the User.

2. Sushi menu along with the pdf
•    Sushi Bar
•    Appetizer
•    Kitchen Appetizers
•    Lunch special,Etc

Sushi Menu pdf
The Menu PDF will be downloaded by the User.

3. Hibachi menu along with the pdf
•    Appetizers
•    Hibschi Dinners
•    Additional
•    Children’s menu,Etc

Hibachi Menu pdf
The Menu PDF will be downloaded by the User.

*You (admin) can add as many as menu’s and can manage respective categories and sub-categories.

Gallery:-In to the Gallery section there will details-
•    Images
•    Video(youtube, vimeo)
•    Links

Note: – Completely admin manageable

Press/News/Event:-Textual Content only
Note:-Completely admin manageable

Delivery & Catering:-
This section will contain all the details (in textual content only), Terms and Conditions about the delivery service and catering.
•    Contact details
•    Deliver service information
•    Minimum purchase for making the delivery order

Catering – User will call on a given number (Textual details only)

For the delivery and catering I would like to suggest you that:-
We will create a form for the users. The user will fill the form and place the order. The Form will include following information:-

•    First Name
•    Last Name
•    Contact No
•    Email id
•    Message box-Only textual content not attachment
•    User Action – Click on Submit Button:-After clicking the submit button all information will send to the admin (website owner) and save to the database.

Reservations & Hours:-

This module includes the details about the reservation .The user will call on the given no and make booking on given specific time provided by the admin.

The terms and condition for reservation will be defined.
Availability for reservation (time/hours) – Textual content only

Contact Us:-
Include following information:-
•    Contact No./Fax/Addredd
•    Email id

Suggested Feature:-

1) Review and Rating:-
After successful order delivery respective users will give rating and reviews and can share their experiences (feedback in textual form).

2) Share social media:-
User can search and follow you by Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, Instagram.

•    Manage contents
•    Manage Menus
•    Manage categories and sub categories
•    Gallery Management
•    Press/News& Event Management”


What alerted me that this wasn’t legit is the email he sent below after I sent him a price quote;

“I’ll have loved to transfer the funds to you but I was warned by my bank not to use my card on paypal or any other merchant again because they double remit my account twice before and I dont want to go against my bank warning to me..

Also i understand you will need the text content with the logo and other document files to start work on my web design asap as you know the document files are with my project consultant and she will have them sent to you via email


Samson B. Walter


The wording and payment terms looked vague & suspicious so I did a search for “Chinese Restaurant Website Design Scam” and found this post submitted on Oct 30, 2017 at;

Copy of the post is shown below…

Is this a scam? What should I do? * r/freelance

I have Craigslist ads for my web design running constantly. I had someone contact me regarding a website they want built for their Chinese restaurant. We went back and forth on a few emails, but he wasn’t good at answering questions and just wanted an estimate.


The web designer from that post received the exact same message I received saying;

“I’ll have loved to transfer the funds to you but I was warned by my bank not to use my card on paypal or any other merchant…”

Here’s a copy of the same message he received;

After finding this post, I ceased communications with the person claiming to be “Samson B. Walter”

This appears to be one of those scams where they send a check or money order over the amount due, then expect you to send them the difference which they pocket and the check or money order they sent bounces and u get screwed.

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