Chawla Escort Service

After locating Chawla’s Escort Service online back in 2009, I decided to try them again this year, as the employee I “spent time with” last time was prompt & professional.

Apparently Chawla Escorts is having some difficulty finding adequate staff these days, because the girl that showed up at my room at the Renaissance was approximately 5’6 tall but easily 180lbs

Upon her arrival I contacted Mr. Chawla stating that my specifications were White or Asian and have a body type of “trim” or “athletic”. He explained that a different girl would be dispatched immediately for arrival within 1 hour; however no female ever arrived or called.

Two weeks later I noticed a $275 line-item stated as PDM Health on my charge card, which turns out to be the name used for Chawla’s credit card billing purposes. I have since discussed removal of the charge with both of his associates: Eileen Jurca and Ash Gupta. Thus far, (now 4 weeks later) I have not received the credit to the account!

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