Cell Phone Misuse by Buisness

Do you ever get solicitor calls?  Who hasn’t?  But now that they are doing it through your cell phone text message service, and it cost you money just to receive them to find out who it is, what they want, and how to stop them.  I called my cell phone company, and asked them to put a block on solicitation to all the phones we have on our account.  I still keep getting these messages!

So I “replied” to the last one I found, asking them to stop sending me text messages, as it cost me money every time I receive them.  Well, of course I expected a reply stating they would no longer send me messages, but it doesn’t stop there!  I then text’d them back saying that any and all charges that they have accrued on my account would be reversed right back to them.

They are sending me generic messages, which leads me to believe that the company itself is not replying, but a computer!  Ok, so in this day and age of computers, maybe I should expect nothing less.  But, in this economy, I”m looking to save money in any way, shape or form I can! And these companies are spending that savings without a thought!  They are taking advantage of me and mine!  Is life ever fare?

Mrs. Dowling

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