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Brad Smith Roofing Westlake Ohio

1999 Brad Smith does wonderful job of estimating and completing complete tear off of existing shingles. Replaces shingles, drip edge, peak vents, appears to be excellent clean up. Upon final inspection multiple holes found in roof from hammering. Brad agrees to have someone out to repair. Holes remain in roof yet today.

2000 New gutters put on house, when old gutters come down at least 10 lbs of roofing nails spill all over yard, Brad Smith denies responsibility.

2005, April moisture problem develops in attic, water actually dripping from underside of roof, Brad Smith notified, sends out Scott to inspect. I am informed 7 years after the fact that I should have installed soffit vents, 2005, May Crew sent out and openings for one of two vents increased in size.

Since that time I have been bidding out a project on my garage roof. All contractors giving me an estimate have been invited to inspect attic of house. I have been told multiple times that I would need soffit vents only if I intended to finish the attic, since it is unfinished an open I shouldn’t need them. They have also stated that the peak vents were installed incorrectly to begin with.

2006 April Shingles on Edge of roof curling, on the Brad Smith Web site this is listed as a sign of moisture problems, Brad Smith contacted, talked with Scott again, he agrees to come look at 6PM so I can be there, he conveniently show up 2 hours early, states no moisture problems just wind damage, will send some one out to fix. That was over 30 days ago. All I’ve haeard from them was a phone call inquiring about giving me an estimate for the garage roof.

These guys did a great job of acting professional but since that time won’t give me the time of day and lots of excuses. They do not back their work , their warranties and guarantees are worthless. The GAF seals on their web site are bought not earned and the Angies certification is 2 years old.

Brad Smith Roofing
24550 Sperry Drive
Suite 2
Westlake, Ohio 44145