Boycott Ocala Florida McDonalds

I had been taking my son to the Ocala McDonalds on Silver Springs Blvd since he was 3.

In March 2012, they tore the McDonalds down which had been on Silver Springs Blvd since the 1980’s and the management stated that they will not be putting a Play Place for kids back in the new McDonalds.  The McDonalds in Belleview, FL (photo above) is like the one we used to have in Ocala.

In this article at, Ms. Allison Quesnel, an executive with the Pacific Arches franchise that owns most of the McDonald’s outlets in Ocala Florida states “Gone, though, will be the Play Place” “I know it’s going to lead to some disappointed children.”

I think eliminating the Play Place is ROTTEN and shows how ungrateful and inconsiderate the McDonalds management is to kids who has been responsible for McDonalds success in the first place. They even stated that they know some kids will be disappointed but apparently they don’t care. They are proving they don’t care by not putting a Play Place back in the new McDonalds.

Ever since I can remember, McDonalds was known as a fun place for kids. Play areas is one of the things which made McDonalds a special place to take kids.

Photo of new McDonalds on Maricamp Road which is the same design the Pacific Arches franchise is building on Silver Springs Blvd. The McDonalds on Maricamp Road used to have a Play Place and they eliminated that one also.

I don’t like the new design…. it doesn’t even look like a McDonalds. This looks more like a coffee shop or something. These new McDonalds don’t have the fun, “kids look” like they used to and they are not “Kid Friendly” especially with the Play Areas gone.

There was nothing wrong with the old McDonalds so why didn’t they just leave it alone? I think Burger King, Wendys or Checkers tastes way better and the only reason I took my son to the McDonalds on Silver Springs Blvd was because of the Play Place for kids.

Since they tore down the McDonalds on Silver Springs Blvd and have built a new one without a Play Place, WE WILL FOREVER BOYCOTT MCDONALDS.

We will NEVER forget or forgive Pacific Arches inconsiderate deed to children here in Ocala Florida.

My son is now 8 and he has vowed to NEVER go back to McDonalds since they eliminated the Play Place which he loved.

Here’s copies of facebook posts from other parents expressing disapproval…

“Carolyn Patti-Briggs: we need to picket”

“Deirdre Saunders · Ocala, Florida: no playplace my son is not going to be happy”

You can let Pacific Arches management know how you feel about them tearing down the old Mcdonalds and building a new one without a Play Place for kids. Here’s a link to Pacific Arches business listing;

I think everyone should BOYCOTT AND PICKET MCDONALDS until they build a NEW McDonalds EXACTLY like the old one with a Play Place.

They also eliminated their Spicy Chicken sandwich, one of the best items they had on their menu, another reason why everyone should Boycott McDonalds.

Update: On 5/23/12 I spoke with a customer service rep at McDonalds Corporate and she told me that McDonalds Corp is not directing franchise owners to get rid of Play Places and the decision to have or not have a Play Place for kids rests SOLELY upon the franchise owner. She stated that in Chicago where she lives, they are building a new McDonalds with a even larger Play Place for kids.

Disclamer: This is not a professional writer and this article is only the writers opinion. Any legal threats regarding this article WILL be reported to the NEWS media.