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Tests Show Pets Has E Coli, Fungus and Bacteria

Do your dogs or cats sleep with you every night? Inside Edition decided to test what else they might be bringing into the bed by swabbing the paws of some pet dogs and sending the swabs off for testing. It turned out that the dogs were carrying multiple types of bacteria and fungi, including a bad bug that can cause pneumonia and meningitis. All of the dogs that were tested had E.coli. Their owners were shocked and say they’ll now take precautions.

Unsolicited Call from 484-327-9377

I received a unsolicited & unauthorized call from 484-327-9377.

They used a auto dialer with a recorded message about lowering my Credit Card interest rate with was total BS because I don’t have a CC, I use debit cards. I’m on the do-not-call list.  This scammer violated FTC laws by calling me so I’m filing a complaint to donotcall.gov


The phone company for 484-327-9377 is allconnect.com.

You can also report 484-327-9377 to their phone company by emailing them at customercare@allconnect.com