Undeserved Negative eBay Feedback from tessieber04

I have been a ebay member since 2001 and had a 100% feedback score until my score was recently ruined by Ebay member tessieber04, by leaving unwarranted negative feedback about a transaction which I had to cancel due to the item getting broken.

I cancelled the auction, informed Ebay member tessieber04 about the item getting broken and promptly refunded her money but that wasn’t good enough for this VENGEFUL, HATEFUL, HEARTLESS, UNREASONABLE person. She went and left negative feedback anyway.

Her seller profile is listed here; ebay.com/usr/tessieber04

If Ebay allows negative feedback for buyers, then sellers should be able to leave feedback also to explain why the feedback left by the seller was unfair and wrong.

Ebay shouldn’t allow feedback to be left in the first place when a transaction has been cancelled.

Also, Ebay should allow sellers to respond to negative feedback and be able to state their side of the story and leave negative feedback against the buyer

Complaints has been filed to the Better Business Bureau about this matter in which I have reported this buyer and asked them to restore my score to 100% and remove the feedback, which shoudn’t have been allowed in the first place since the auction was cancelled and money promptly refunded.

It seems clear that eBay is engaging in unfair business practices so I’m seeking an attorney / law firm to file a Class Action Lawsuit against eBay and possibly the buyer.  If your an attorney and would be interested in this case, please Contact Us

Ebay Sellers can leave their negative feedback about abusive Buyers here on this site



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