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Undeserved Negative eBay Feedback from tessieber04

I have been a ebay member since 2001 and had a 100% feedback score until my score was recently ruined by Ebay member tessieber04, by leaving unwarranted negative feedback about a transaction which I had to cancel due to the item getting broken.

I cancelled the auction, informed Ebay member tessieber04 about the item getting broken and promptly refunded her money but that wasn’t good enough for this VENGEFUL, HATEFUL, HEARTLESS, UNREASONABLE person. She went and left negative feedback anyway.

Her seller profile is listed here;

If Ebay allows negative feedback for buyers, then sellers should be able to leave feedback also to explain why the feedback left by the seller was unfair and wrong.

Ebay shouldn’t allow feedback to be left in the first place when a transaction has been cancelled.

Also, Ebay should allow sellers to respond to negative feedback and be able to state their side of the story and leave negative feedback against the buyer

Complaints has been filed to the Better Business Bureau about this matter in which I have reported this buyer and asked them to restore my score to 100% and remove the feedback, which shoudn’t have been allowed in the first place since the auction was cancelled and money promptly refunded.

It seems clear that eBay is engaging in unfair business practices so I’m seeking an attorney / law firm to file a Class Action Lawsuit against eBay and possibly the buyer.  If your an attorney and would be interested in this case, please Contact Us

Ebay Sellers can leave their negative feedback about abusive Buyers here on this site



Seller Sues eBay for Alleged ‘Buyer Always Wins’ Policy

EBay must face claims that its policies are unfairly biased against sellers and allow dishonest buyers to defraud them, a federal judge ruled. Click here for details


Chinese Restaurant Website Design Scam

I received a request from a ad posted on Craigslist from someone pretending to want a Chinese Restaurant Website Designed using the name Samson B. Walter.

After I sent him some design samples, here’s how he responded;

“Perfect i have a private project consultant, she has the text content and the logos for the site with the image artwork, so please go ahead and get back to me with an estimate also  will like to know if you are the owner or the manager

Here is what it was supposed to look like and is what i want to be shown on my website so please get back to me with an estimate on this

Samson B. Walter


Here’s a copy of the MS Word Document I received;

“Project  Name    Restaurant Website Development
Client Name    Samson Walter

1.    Website Development
User actors:
1.    Customer/Visitor
2.    Admin (Website  Owner)
•    Welcome Page(Home)
•    Menu
•    Gallery
•    Press/News & Events
•    Delivery & Catering
•    Reservation & Hotel
•    Contact Us
Welcome Page (Home)
•    About Us (Textual content only)
•   Services
This section will include the offered menu with the price. (For Example)
1.    Chinese menu listing (same things available if PDF form)
2.    Sushi menu listing (same things available if PDF form)
3.    Hibachi menu listing (same things available if PDF form)

1. Chinese – Following are the available sub categories
•    Soup
•    Appetizers
•    Chef’s Special
•    Seafood
•    Poultry
•    Beef
•    Pork, Etc

Chinese Menu pdf
The Menu PDF will be downloaded by the User.

2. Sushi menu along with the pdf
•    Sushi Bar
•    Appetizer
•    Kitchen Appetizers
•    Lunch special,Etc

Sushi Menu pdf
The Menu PDF will be downloaded by the User.

3. Hibachi menu along with the pdf
•    Appetizers
•    Hibschi Dinners
•    Additional
•    Children’s menu,Etc

Hibachi Menu pdf
The Menu PDF will be downloaded by the User.

*You (admin) can add as many as menu’s and can manage respective categories and sub-categories.

Gallery:-In to the Gallery section there will details-
•    Images
•    Video(youtube, vimeo)
•    Links

Note: – Completely admin manageable

Press/News/Event:-Textual Content only
Note:-Completely admin manageable

Delivery & Catering:-
This section will contain all the details (in textual content only), Terms and Conditions about the delivery service and catering.
•    Contact details
•    Deliver service information
•    Minimum purchase for making the delivery order

Catering – User will call on a given number (Textual details only)

For the delivery and catering I would like to suggest you that:-
We will create a form for the users. The user will fill the form and place the order. The Form will include following information:-

•    First Name
•    Last Name
•    Contact No
•    Email id
•    Message box-Only textual content not attachment
•    User Action – Click on Submit Button:-After clicking the submit button all information will send to the admin (website owner) and save to the database.

Reservations & Hours:-

This module includes the details about the reservation .The user will call on the given no and make booking on given specific time provided by the admin.

The terms and condition for reservation will be defined.
Availability for reservation (time/hours) – Textual content only

Contact Us:-
Include following information:-
•    Contact No./Fax/Addredd
•    Email id

Suggested Feature:-

1) Review and Rating:-
After successful order delivery respective users will give rating and reviews and can share their experiences (feedback in textual form).

2) Share social media:-
User can search and follow you by Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, Instagram.

•    Manage contents
•    Manage Menus
•    Manage categories and sub categories
•    Gallery Management
•    Press/News& Event Management”


What alerted me that this wasn’t legit is the email he sent below after I sent him a price quote;

“I’ll have loved to transfer the funds to you but I was warned by my bank not to use my card on paypal or any other merchant again because they double remit my account twice before and I dont want to go against my bank warning to me..

Also i understand you will need the text content with the logo and other document files to start work on my web design asap as you know the document files are with my project consultant and she will have them sent to you via email


Samson B. Walter


The wording and payment terms looked vague & suspicious so I did a search for “Chinese Restaurant Website Design Scam” and found this post submitted on Oct 30, 2017 at;

Copy of the post is shown below…

Is this a scam? What should I do? * r/freelance

I have Craigslist ads for my web design running constantly. I had someone contact me regarding a website they want built for their Chinese restaurant. We went back and forth on a few emails, but he wasn’t good at answering questions and just wanted an estimate.


The web designer from that post received the exact same message I received saying;

“I’ll have loved to transfer the funds to you but I was warned by my bank not to use my card on paypal or any other merchant…”

Here’s a copy of the same message he received;

After finding this post, I ceased communications with the person claiming to be “Samson B. Walter”

This appears to be one of those scams where they send a check or money order over the amount due, then expect you to send them the difference which they pocket and the check or money order they sent bounces and u get screwed.

Google Removing Sites and Engaging in Censorship

Google Removing Sites and Engaging in Censorship

Are you a website owner who had a website which used to show in google’s search results but now it’s nowhere to be found, yet your site is still on page 1 of Bing & Yahoo? If the answer is YES, your not alone.

In 2017, Google began removing independent sites & blogs from their index while primarily showing Big Business Corporate sites in their search results.

This is Freedom of Speech Censorship and Small Business Discrimination.

Small Business owners are being squeezed out by large corporate sites like Walmart, eBay and Amazon.

Political blog owners are also noticing that google is removing their sites from google’s index, thereby violating their freedom of speech while primarily showing large sites like Huffington Post, the Washington Post, MSNBC, FOX, CNN and the New York Times.

The Internet used to be a even playing field where anyone could express their point of view or sell their products online and be heard. Now, Google is putting their thumb on the scale in favor of Corporate Giants with deep pockets.

Since the public has been brainwashed into believing google is the best Search Engine, it gets the most traffic and visitors. Therefore, sites which google isn’t showing in their search results receives less traffic and visitors.  The public is also being negatively affected because they are being denied choices and access to information.

Google is NOT the Best Search Engine

The fact is that Google has always been a FLAWED Search Engine, which can be manipulated, and which doesn’t always show the best and most reliant websites in it’s search results.

Yahoo & Bing are much better search engines which shows more relevant sites in their search results which you won’t find in Google.

Try running a search in Google, then do the same search in Yahoo & Bing and you’ll find sites that you won’t find in Google.

It’s time the public wakes up and stops using Google… they discriminate against smaller sites and they don’t give the best search results.

Fight Back… Boycott Google!


Boycott Google

Feel free to copy & post this Banner all over the Internet… on your website, facebook page, twitter, etc.  To download a copy, right-click your mouse over the image, then click “save image as”, then save to a folder on your computer.

US Case Against MegaUpload Weak

MegaUpload is no more guilty of pirated content than Youtube and it seems the US Government is singling out MegaUpload. It can be proven that MegaUpload removes copyrighted material when reported to them. Just like Youtube, MegaUpload is protected by the Communications Decency Act.

The CDA provides that when a user writes and posts material on an “interactive website” such as MegaUpload, Youtube, AOL, Facebook, etc the site itself cannot be held legally responsible for the posted material. 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(1) states, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” Most of youtube’s content could be considered illegally pirated content.

In 2006, during Google’s effort to buy YouTube, Viacom says that Ethan Anderson, International Business Product Manager for Google Video, stated: “I can’t believe you’re recommending buying YouTube. . . . they’re 80% illegal pirated content.” Viacom sued Youtube and lost because of the Communications Decency Act.

This article in Wikipedia sites many examples of court cases which upheld website owner’s immunity for responsibility of copyrighted, pirated and even personal defamatory material posted by users and subscribers…

The Communications Decency Act is considered to be a “Loophole” by the Music and Film Industry which they were hoping to close by the passage of SOPA and PIPA.


KimDotcom takes fight to US Supreme Court to regain seized assets | TravelWireNews

Published time: 8 Apr, 2017 13:32 Kim Dotcom has submitted a case to the US Supreme Court for relief against the seizure of his assets. Dotcom is arguing that seizures arose from “unproven allegations of the most novel, dubious United States crimes.” The Internet entrepreneur, who created the now defunct file-sharing website Megaupload, filed the…

Flippa Alternative

I have several complaints about Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites.

First, their fee of $19 per site or domain just to create a listing.

Then, to get your listing to stand out amoung the thousands of other listings they charge $50 to feature your listing on the front page of Flippa “for a limited period” (quoted right from thier site).  They don’t specify weather it’s for a day, a few hours or any specific period of time.

If you want a screenshot of your site to appear alongside your listing, that costs an extra $20 and a Listing title in bold costs an extra $5 has so many listings that unless you pay extra to have your site featured and bolded, it’s unlikely that many buyers will even see your site.

If your site don’t sell, then all the money you spent getting your site listed goes down the toilet.

If your site does sell, then you have to pay a “Success Fee” of 5% X what ever your site sells for.  For instance, if your site sells for $10,000 you owe Flippa an extra $500 on top of all the listing fees you already paid.

I hate how they allow people to post negative comments on website auction ad details.  I hate how Flippa’s website shows the number of times I delete comments posted on my auction making it seems that I may have something to hide, even though the comments I delete is posted by idiots who seems to enjoy discrediting people’s web sites.

As of today’s date,’s webiste claims they have had $64,000,350 in website sales.  If they collected 5% success fees of $64 Million Dollars, that’s a lot of money to go into the pockets of the owners of

Fortunately there’s now a new alternative called , which has NO SUCCESS fees.  Regular listings are only $9.00 and their featured listing upgrade is only $9.00 (Flippa charges $50).

Since the site is new, they are offering FREE listings for the 1st 200 site auction listings. – Registercompass FREE Alternative

A domain with pagerank and backlinks can put you way ahead of brand new domains in terms of getting your site indexed quickly and getting traffic.

I have used in the past and found it to be a good service but I hate paying $37 a month.

I recently tried using and could never see any domain names past the 1st page. There are posts on the net saying is free but to see any results past page 1 you have to pay.

Below is a copy of their fees.

1 Month Only
(No Automatic Renewal) 19.90
Monthly subscription 18.90$
Quarterly subscription 50.70$ (16.90$/month)
Semi-Anual subscription 89.40$ (14.90$/month)
Annual subscription 154.80$ (12.90$/month)

I did some searching and found an excellent FREE alternative called This is now where I can find authority domains

USfreeads Review Complaints

In March 2011 I paid $9.95 to place some ads. Although they claim to be free, you have to pay so I think the name is misleading.

In April 2011 I logged into my paypal account and found that they charged me $9.95 for another month. I sent them a email with a copy of the statement, told them I canceled the subscription and asked them for a refund. Days went by and no reply so I called paypal and told them I wanted a refund. Paypal said they would contact USFreeAds and asked them to refund my money.

More days went by and no reply or refund from USFreeAds. So I took it up and notch and told them I wanted my money back or complaints would be filed to Paypal, the Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission & to places like the Rip Off Report, ComplaintsBoard, My3cents, etc

Again no response from USFreeAds but what they did was to LOCK MY ACCOUNT with NO refund.


I even filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and USFreeAds didn’t respond to BBB’s several requests for a response.

I did some checking and found complaints posted by other people about USFreeAds who said they are a rip off, they have non-existant customer service, that they fail to give refunds and fail to return emalis.

Here’s a few of the complaints I found…

“ Scam – Do Not Use USFreeads Ever usfreeads,, us free ads UK Internet”

Ripoff Report | Complaint Review Internet

Avoid using or dealing with! They are a complete scam and here’s why. I had been a premium member with them for a long time writing hundreds of ads on their system and all of a sudden one day they canceled my account for nothing.

“ Uses bait and switch tactics. Advertises you can place free ads, then require you to place a paid ad. Internet”

Ripoff Report | Complaint Review Internet

I registered as a free member of USfreeads, in order to promote my website, which is clearly an informational website regarding gardening and other things in life. USfreeads said my ad fell into another category, which it did not, and wants me to pay them money to place the ad.

My opinion is that USFreeAds SUCKS and should be put out of business. Any “company” which does not answer customers emails and fails to give a refund when a customer wishes to cancel should NOT be in business.

Consider this… do you ever see USFreeAds showing up on page 1 of ANY of the search engines for anything?

None of the ads I posted at USFreeAds showed up on the 1st page of ANY of the search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN so posting ads at USFreeAds is a complete WASTE OF TIME & MONEY

If you have had problems getting a reply to your email or recieved no refund when requested from USFreeAds, you can file complaints to Paypal, the FTC, your state’s Attorney General’s office and post your story at this site and others like Rip Off Report, ComplaintsBoard, My3cents, etc

Cell Phone Misuse by Buisness

Do you ever get solicitor calls?  Who hasn’t?  But now that they are doing it through your cell phone text message service, and it cost you money just to receive them to find out who it is, what they want, and how to stop them.  I called my cell phone company, and asked them to put a block on solicitation to all the phones we have on our account.  I still keep getting these messages!

So I “replied” to the last one I found, asking them to stop sending me text messages, as it cost me money every time I receive them.  Well, of course I expected a reply stating they would no longer send me messages, but it doesn’t stop there!  I then text’d them back saying that any and all charges that they have accrued on my account would be reversed right back to them.

They are sending me generic messages, which leads me to believe that the company itself is not replying, but a computer!  Ok, so in this day and age of computers, maybe I should expect nothing less.  But, in this economy, I”m looking to save money in any way, shape or form I can! And these companies are spending that savings without a thought!  They are taking advantage of me and mine!  Is life ever fare?

Mrs. Dowling

HyperVRE Affiliate Program is Flawed

I have referred over 150 people to Matt the owner of HyperVRE and only received a commission for about 10.

I would bet that a lot of these referrals bought the upgrade later and I didn’t receive my due commission. There is no internal affiliate tracking system to tell if any of my referrals later purchased the upgrade. That is WRONG and very unfair. It would be easy for Matt to track all referrals.

I’ve read complaints from other affiliates who also makes lots of referrals but rarely gets paid anything.

The owner of HyperVRE always wins because each referral gets added to his optin list.

Most of the time I get NOTHING out of my referral except a “Congratulations, You just made a referral” email.

HyperVRE has the most flawed and unfair affiliate program I have encountered on the internet. I have stopped referring people because I’m sick & tired of never getting paid anything and helping build Matt Cullen’s list.

I think Matt should pay affiliates for each referral since we are helping him build his list