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Brookstone lies to their customers

This is a modified letter I wrote to the Ron Boire, CEO of Brookstone, which will has not responded. I took out some personal information for this website posting.

Good Morning Ron,

I’m writing to you directly to let you know how Brookstone ruined my 14 year olds Christmas. My daughter wanted a gaming chair for Christmas this year. After saving enough money I ordered the chair from your company on-line on December 18, 2011. Shipping was guaranteed if the order was placed by 12-20-2011. See order confirm below:
Dear Jeff ,

Thank you for placing your order with Brookstone. We are currently processing your order, #XXXXXXX

The items you ordered are listed below:

Gift Message:

Item Qty Price Status

X Rocker Deluxe Gaming and Home Theater Recliner 1 $399.00 In Stock

Merchandise Subtotal: $399.00

Gift Wrapping: $0.00

Shipping and Processing: $48.89

Tax: $26.86

Promotion: $50.00

Order Summary Total $424.75

After a few days I decided to try track the order on the Brookstone website. My order number came up invalid so I called Brookstone to see when to expect the chair to be delivered. I was told that it wasn’t going to be shipped now until December 26, 2011 from your vendor in TN and expect it to be delivered on Wednesday. (Vendor Ace Bayou)

Now she wasn’t going to have her biggest gift to open on Christmas day. So I took a picture of it and wrapped it up and we waited until Wednesday. On Wednesday we were waiting for the chair and receive a voicemail stating that the chair was discontinued and order canceled thanks for doing business with Brookstone.

Is this how your company does business with customers?

Would like to know hear from you and your thoughts.


Sent second request to Ron on 1-3-2012 and still no reply. I’m not surprised and would highly recommend not doing business with this company based on my experience.