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Marion Browning-Baker Still in Germany Scamming Clients

One of Marion Browning-Baker’s ex-clients informed our network (now a total of 59) recently that Browning-Baker NEVER DEPARTED Germany after all! She only moved apartments and changed her office (which doesn’t exist other than her kitchen table) phone number to 49-711-222-54480. This number is answered by the same German public call center as it was before – same people even. She continues to drag out cases and rip-off her leftover clients, before her advertising was barred, while she prolongs her hiding from the Georgia State Bar – both by mail (her official state bar mailing address still only “St Thomas, VI”) and now by telephone too. Sources say that the German, American, and Virgin Island federal tax authorities also are looking for her.

Here is her primary scam and rip-off FYI: She makes her clients sign a statement that they cannot talk or communicate in any way to any other lawyers which Browning-Baker says she uses with their case. Browning-Baker says that “this signed statement is required by her state bar.” Turns out officially from the state bar that it IS NOT REQUIRED at all! Her state bar even supposedly asked her where it quotes that in Georgia statutes and Browning-Baker never answered (like proving her multiple fictitious secretaries exist over the years because they asked her to prove that too and she didn’t).

Then, knowing that the client probably won’t call the lawyers she uses because of this “Georgia law” as Browning-Baker tells it, she then bills them for work she NEVER DOES knowing the client won’t check up on it. In most cases, 25% OR MORE of the customer’s bills were totally bogus like this.

Lawyers are then supposed to give you the case file back when they stop representing you as all state bars require this as lawyer professional conduct. Forget getting anything back like communications with the other lawyers from Browning-Baker as she refuses to return any of those – and this is even after the state bar tells her to return it.

All 59 of us at are waiting for justice to be served by the Georgia State Bar. Then Marion Browning-Baker will have a real reason leave Germany – that being no law license anymore.

DISAPPEARED Lawyer Marion Browning-Baker

Does anyone know where lawyer Marion Browning-Baker is hiding these days? Her 58 ex-clients who network regularly on the list maintained by all want to know!

One of the 58, who claims she billed him over $20,000 without doing any real legal work other than write emails back and forth for almost a year, went to visit her at her apartment in Stuttgart a few weeks ago. Her apartment was totally empty. The person managed to talk to one of her German neighbors in the building. The German neighbor said she “fled the country very quickly and that only happens quickly around here when the German tax people are after you.” They also said that she would not tell them where she was moving. Of course no one can confirm if the German tax authorities are pursuing her but read on because this story gets even better.

Her visitor then contacted the Regus Center in Stuttgart which she used as a mail drop and to meet clients for the past 5 years. Turns out Browning-Baker never told them she was leaving, never told them she disconnected her phone several months ago which was 0711-161-0000, never told them she moved out of her apartment, and never even terminated her business center contract with them.

Then there is the Georgia State Bar who is also attempting to locate her for several months now for reasons which we cannot print here. They are supposed to contact her by the mailing address she has on record with them. Her mailing address used to be the Regus Center on Koenigstrasse in Stuttgart. Now it only says, “Saint Thomas VI” which you can check for yourself on their website if you go to the lawyer directory and put her name in. So it should be obvious now that she can’t receive any official mail from them – or anyone else for that matter – with a non-address such as this.

Marion Browning-Baker also told authorities in sworn statements, as well as her ex-clients, that she was “sailing off the coast of Australia” for 6 months from October 2010 until April 2011 and not available at her office. The only problem with this is that she never left her Stuttgart home/office this entire time and was billing her last clients like crazy – as she is no longer allowed to advertise in the Stars and Stripes worldwide.

The most entertaining part of all this – and we save the best for last – is that she assumed the role of a fictitious secretary named “Majella Richardson” to answer all of her official email and correspondence during that period of time she said she was sailing. Some people even talked to “Majella” on the phone, which was Browning-Baker’s voice! So if needed, she also plays the role of an imaginary secretary!

So if anyone currently knows where Marion Browning-Baker is hiding at the moment, please email so we can inform the multiple authorities who are now looking for her also. Thank you.

NEVER USE Marion Browning-Baker Family Law Practice in Germany

I know this Browning-Baker is a total crook. She took almost $30,000 from me to get divorced in Germany. I later found out from a JAG office over here that under German law, I could have easily done the entire divorce for under $5,000 if I went straight to a German lawyer to start with rather than going to Browning-Baker. I agree that this lawyer should go to jail. And they should throw away the key. She needs to rot there forever for what she has done to our service members and their wives. I see she no longer advertises in the Stars and Stripes. Hopefully somebody reported her.

Marion Browning-Baker – NOT an Honest Lawyer

I am another person Marion Browning-Baker ripped off for over $30,000. We now have a group of over 50 people identified who have all been ripped by her since she started in the 1990’s. We are urging everyone to write to the Georgia State Bar (they have a website with the info you need to file complaints). Don’t bother writing to Browning-Baker personally on anything. She will never reply to you as she already took your money.

BTW, word in the group has it that has been bragging to some of her ex-clients that she owns a mansion some place in the Caribbean. Guess where that money came from? Your pocket!

We are starting a Yahoo Group in an attempt to locate everyone who was ripped by her since she started all of this nonsense family law practice in Europe. Should you want to join the group, send an email to and then tell us your story. We will keep you posted and add you to our list. And if you heard of anyone else who used her, please pass the word. Since she can no longer advertise in the Stars and Stripes, we all think we have effectively put her out of business for good. Now it is time to collect our debts back.

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I used this lawyer in 2001. She charged me $26,300 and never got me divorced. All she did was write emails back and forth with some stateside lawyer which I was not allowed to talk to because she made me sign a statement that I would not do that. Then I FIRED HER because I could see her only goal was to steal my money.

The lady is a total CROOK! I can’t believe she is still doing this to people like is written above. Somebody should do something about this. She is a criminal and should be in jail.

AVOID Marion Browning-Baker

Marion Browning-Baker, ex US Army JAG lawyer and currently presenting her status as a US Army Reservist, has been operating her “family law practice” out of her home in Stuttgart, Germany since 1996.  The only problem:  It is NOT a law practice but a systematic and methodical financial SCAM against every active duty service member, family member, and Department of Defense civilian which she can possibly convince to hire her for her family law “legal services” (which I use very loosely here).

Her daily ad in the Stars and Stripes (which she is no longer allowed to advertise there) was her ONLY source of clients as everyone who contacted her through this forum became nothing less than her “target of financial opportunity.”  Browning-Baker would take any case presented, ask for a $5,000 retainer, make you sign a statement that you will not discuss anything to do with your case with any other lawyer involved which she uses in your case, and then drain you financially for as long as she could – until you fired her.

Closure or doing what you hired her to do (or thought you did anyway) was never an intent of hers as she drags simple cases out for years.  For most of her clients and I have personally discussed this with more than 10 of them who were scammed by her like I was, she got away with anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 per client using this modus operandi.

Since she bills monthly and provides her clients with no transparency in the process whatsoever, she falsifies bills and charges her clients for no work actually performed, she lies to other lawyers and misrepresents the facts of your situation in order to bill you for more money, she charges you for a full 30 minutes of her time to answer a 1-sentence email with another 1-sentence email, she bills your credit cards without permission, and she even intentionally generates legal problems with your case which result in her being able to bill you for even more money.