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Bush Gardens Tampa Denies Paid for Services

My name is Michael Boone, currently my girlfriend, Esmerelda King, and I are platinum pass holders. We live in Tampa and frequently visit Sea World and Bush Gardens Tampa Bay. This past weekend on 3/22/09 we visited Bush Gardens and were
denied the Preferred Parking.

I was advised that Preferred Parking was full and that we were not
permitted to even drive over to that lot and check for an open parking space. We of course followed the parking attendants instructions and ending up parking in a back lot and had to take the tram over to the main gate.

While the tram was taking us over to the main gait, Esemerelda and I both noticed numerous open parking spaces in the preferred parking area. This is the third time that we have had this happen to us when we go to Bush Gardens.

I can understand if it is a concern due to the fact that you don’t want to charge someone for preferred parking and then there is not one available for them. However preferred parking comes with my pass, its something that I do pay for and yet I am not even given the chance to check for parking.

I am very dissatisfied with the fact that I faithfully pay for something and am denied even the slightest opportunity to use it. I would appreciate some type of compensation for being denied services that I pay for.

If you are able to look what I have spent on my passes you will see that I spend a lot of money especially at sea world doing animal interactions and backstage tours. This is not the way a customer with the platinum pass should be treated, or any customer for that matter. I would not be this dissatisfied if this was the first time I have encountered this, however its now the third and that is
two times to many.