Down with Luxury Airport Parking

Stowed car at Luxury Airport Parking in Fort Lauderdale during our out-of-state Thanksgiving trip.

knew when we were arriving and did not bring car out; then waited 40 minutes for car to be found, during which time we were asked to find our own

car! when we did, it was blocked in by 3 other cars, at which time we got yelled at that we are not patient and we should know our place!!!

livid!!! then someone raised a cane at us (mind you we were patient, polite, and still merely inquisitive), when we brought up the fact that we

had just arrived from a long flight and we’d appreciate some sense of professionalism and urgency (we even offered to help them find the other

cars’ keys to move them). at some point it was too much (no regards to our kids even waiting to be picked up), never mind that we had even

prepaid, but to make matters worse they started cursing us and others waiting similarly long…we get it, twas just post-Thanksgiving, but the

lip and attitude were way inappropriate and over-board! when a ‘driver’ raised his cane (yes, a cane; another was wearing evening sandals, lol),

we suggested to call the police or even a tow truck to ‘help’ them sort their own mess…that’s how frustrated! “Luxury” WHAT-EXACTLY???