Brown’s Transmission Complaint

My 1994 Cadillac Seville SLS has been held hostage for seven (7) business days at Brown’s Transmission in Florence, KY.  Amy–the host of the business has yet to call me about the progress, diagnosis, etc…I’ve yet to receive such.  I have to stop out daily for an update…which is, in reality, on the “verge of being done…that is, if the planets align for them”.

I was told they have a $10K computer scanner…yet, I had to give them the codes from a “shade-tree” mechanic and his simple scanner.  This is all concerning a transmission (auto) that won’t go into overdrive.  Mon-Thur…no diagnosis.  Mon this week…”it’ll be done tomorrow”…today, another jerk-off…”let’s be safe & say tomorrow AM.  Not the most professional group at all.  Probably no warranty.  My sense is Amy will say anything to dispose of me.  And a week-and-a-half later…parts on the table.

Cost…anyone’s guess.  I was told $350…but that’s a “nominal” figure since something (whatever) was “cracked”…ok Amy, we’ll see what that’s all about.  Go with Mr. Transmission–they’ve got multiple locations (warranty support).  These “Joes”…who knows.  My car’s been hostage for six business days…including holidays.  Yet, as most–they’ve “bent over backwards for me”…yeah, ok Amy.  Have you called me ONCE…as YOU said you would.  No, you haven’t “dear”…I’ve had to literally drive to see what the heck is going on.  Customer service…failure.

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