Blue Hippo Taking Advantage of Customers

This is the complaint letter I sent to them 7 times and I have the fax transmittal’s to prove it.  They claim they haven’t received my documents:

This is my 7th attempt to fax this complaint to your company. I am also submitting the UPS Delivery Notifications, four fax confirmation sheets verifying the times, dates, fax number (1-800-379-6112) and proof that the fax was received each time I sent it. These document were previously faxed to the above listed fax number on April 9th, 13th, 14th, 20th and April 23rd     . Which means you should have received it. Also, I’m submitting all email correspondences between your online customer service center & me.

I ordered a computer from you back in June 2006 and I never received it. Your excuse for not shipping the computer was that Blue Hippo needed to mail one more document to which required my signature before they could issue a shipment date. You NEVER mailed the documents to me. Finally you emailed me the document, apologized for your computers being down the last 6 times you promised to send them and didn’t. By this time it was the beginning of December and I informed you that I was moving from 19614 Hayman Ct, Katy TX 77449 back to New Orleans and if I don’t receive this computer before Christmas 2006 dont send it because I will no longer be a resident at that address.

Your company apologized again and lowered my bi-weekly bill to 53.32 because of THEIR MISTAKE and promised that I’ll have it before Christmas. Its new years, still no computer. I moved from that address as planed back to New Orleans, and after I got settled in I emailed your customer service center to find out what ever happened to my computer and a customer service rep named Robert Duckham responded back requesting a phone number to contact me directly and I replied with all of my contact numbers, new address and account number.

NO ONE CALLED or responded to my emails (see emails). By this time three weeks later I decided to call your company and to my shocking surprise, your customer service rep told me that this account was closed and sent to collections for non-pay. I explained to him that I never received the damn computer. He rudely insisted that I did have the computer, it was shipped out on February 14th (8 months later) to the 19614 Hayman Ct address and in order for him to access my account I had to reopen it and that means you were going to start deducting money out of my account again and for what, I DON’T HAVE THE COMPUTER.

I called UPS customer service and they told me that they did send they shipped the computer, monitor and flat screen TV back to your company and someone signed for it also. Please see the UPS delivery notification submitted with this complaint. I am very detailed oriented, and you can not stick me with a computer that I never received and speak to me as if I did receive it and ignored the bill. I am terribly insulted and I demand every dollar down to the penny (over $700.00 was deducted fro my account through out the year from your company) reimbursed back to me ASAP (mail me a check), for this is a legal case, and I’m also coping the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU on everything I submit to you. From the fax transmittal’s down to the email correspondences between your online services and myself. Which by the way look terribly bad on your part. Blue Hippo does Bad business. Not to mention the rude customer service reps.

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