Beware of Registry Vacation Packages

Let the buyer beware when purchasing a vacation package from Registry Vacations!!! My personal experience has been horrible! I paid $2400.00 for a vacation package that included a cruise for two and a resort vacation. Unfortunately, when I booked my cruise for two, we had to pay an additional $550.00 for port fees and a fuel surcharge. So, the real cost for the vacation is $2950.00.

My problems began when my friend got cancer and we were unable to book our cruise within the allotted 18 months. We were also unable to book our resort stay within the allotted 24 months. I attempted to contact Registry Vacations to request an extension on several separate occasions only to be told that a supervisor would return my call within 72 hours. Finally, after multiple efforts and lots of stress, I was able to speak with a very nice gentleman in customer service who assisted me with my dilemma.

I realize now, that I should have simply booked my cruise though the cruise line…it would have been much, much cheaper. The “Resort Vacation” seems like a deal but opportunities do not seem so great. Cancer is a BAD thing…a paid for vacation package should not become a major stressful event!!

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