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aspen dental ocala review

I called Aspen Dental in Ocala, FL and asked how much they would charge for a Crown for my Molar. They told me I would have to come into the office so they could take a look.  They said nothing about charging me anything when they made the appointment.

On 1-10-18, I went to the office at 4910 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470. To my shock & surprise, they said I’d have to pay $140 before they could tell me how much a crown would cost, so I paid the $140, hoping their price would be reasonable.

They took an ex-ray and the Dentist then told me it would be $1,700!

I think $1,700 an outrageous sum for a crown and is a total rip-off. The last crown I got in 2010 cost me about $600 which seemed extremely high then.


Action 9 investigates Aspen Dental’s free exam scam


Here’s the Average Cost & Price of Crowns and Bridges in Ocala Florida

Dental Service Average Fee June 1, 2017 Highest Fee June 1, 2017 (95th percentile)
Porcelain on non-precious metal crown $950.54 $1202.72
All metal crown (not gold) $950.54 $1202.72
Cast Gold Crown $1176.13 $1393.47
Porcelain on gold crown $1229.32 $1550.28


Ocala Florida Crowns and Bridges Costs, Dental Crowns and Bridges …

As you can see, Aspen Dental’s price is by far the highest.

There’s no excuse for them not telling me how much a crown would cost over the phone. The $140 they charged me was totally wasted money and a rip-off. Am filing complaints to the BBB and their corporate office and asking for a refund.


Aspen Dental – Aspen sucks

getting to know your patients

A review about working at Aspen Dental above posted at above stated; “Aspen sucks”

“I have been working at Aspen Dental full-time (More than 3 years). the pay is the worse ever. It’s all about the money and not the patients!

Advice to Management: pay your employees more more. We work really hard and the pay is terrible.

Other Employee Reviews for Aspen Dental

Feb 7, 2017

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“I have been working at Aspen Dental full-time (More than a year). This place is not worth the stress and lowering your standards

Long hours
Terrible pay
Terrible management
Manipulate patients for money

Advice to Management: Pay your employees, don’t break written contracts, actually try for the patient to be cared for and not what’s in their pockets”.


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