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Customers Are Fighting Back Against Businesses

Thanks to the Internet and Youtube, customers can now
fight back and expose Businesses which has done them wrong

The mission of this website is to give individuals a forum to inform others about the experience they've had with a business or government entity, good or bad. If you've had a good or bad experience with a business and want the world to know about it, submit your review and if approved, we will post it on this website We hope in time to have thousands of reviews on to cover everything from Auto Sales & Repair rip-off's to Government Corruption, Medical Malpractice & Restaurants so a consumer can check this site first to see what others experience has been with a business.

It is our goal to help change bad conduct of businesses and the government through public awareness and to organize consumers to file complaints or protests to the proper authorities and to the News Media. We are also interested in organizing Class Action Law Suites against large companies who abuse their customers. If you are a energetic attorney with high principles and want to get involved, please send us your contact info.

I hope you will join us in standing up and fighting for what is right and exposing WRONG DO-ERS. One person CAN change the world. Imagine what millions of us can do if we are UNITED!

To the left you will see a list of categories. If you've got a compliment or complaint to express, choose a category and submit your article. If approved, we'll post it on this website. Plus, your comments will also appear all over the Internet!

Thank you for visiting and be sure to submit your article!

Featured Articles !

Walgreens Forwards Complaint Letter Without Customers Permission
Published : March 03, 2012 | Author : patricia13 | Views : 3940 | Unrated
Total Views : 3940
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A customer wrote to Mr. Gregory Wasson the President of Walgreens to ask him to please reverse his decision to remove Borden Dairy Dutch Chocolate Milk from Walgreens. Not only did Mr. Wasson fail to answer the customer, but Walgreens sent a copy of the customer's letter DIRECTLY to Dean Foods WITHOUT the customers permission.
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Flippa Alternative
Published : December 21, 2011 | Author : netguy | Views : 1941 | Unrated
Total Views : 1941
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A new alternative to Flippa Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites
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Better Business Bureau Alternative
Published : October 28, 2011 | Author : bizalt | Views : 2219 | Unrated
Total Views : 2219
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New Alternative to the Better Business Bureau provides low cost trust seals
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Recent Articles !

Automobile Sales
Published : June 25, 2012 | Author : nnr8sab | Views : 1289 | Unrated
Total Views : 1289
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Unethical Business
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Highlands Glass Automotive windshield replacement
Published : June 18, 2012 | Author : lisajake | Views : 1097 | Unrated
Total Views : 1097
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Glass shards left behind and children's bare feet don't mix
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Avoid FRSTeam - Anderson Cleaners
Published : June 16, 2012 | Author : avoid1team | Views : 1184 | Unrated
Total Views : 1184
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Deceptive Communication Lack of Inventory Control Staff Lacks Technical Skills Poor Restoration Capabilities
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Published : June 14, 2012 | Author : GeDog | Views : 1302 | Unrated
Total Views : 1302
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Breach of Contract, strands mom 2 girls in strange city
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604 mellon street southeast Apartments Bad Landlord
Published : June 13, 2012 | Author : businessreport | Views : 1361 | Unrated
Total Views : 1361
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Had my wages Garnished for an apartment that gave ME problems
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Pond plants for sale has abusive owner
Published : June 13, 2012 | Author : kcangial | Views : 1078 | Unrated
Total Views : 1078
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When I sent PondPlantsforSale.Com a message to inquire about an order that never arrived, the owner was completely rude and used profanity in his email. This is the most unprofessional business I have ever encountered.
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Comp-U-Photo Scammed Me
Published : June 13, 2012 | Author : NYDtv | Views : 1174 | Unrated
Total Views : 1174
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How can you tell a customer something is brand new, when IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK?
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WOODLAND DIRECT - Fireplace Rip Off
Published : June 08, 2012 | Author : richard6 | Views : 1153 | Unrated
Total Views : 1153
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No refund on shipping a returned item.
Read full article Employment Review
Published : June 07, 2012 | Author : scotty1 | Views : 1225 | Unrated
Total Views : 1225
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Zipsmart is a company that sells online advertising to companies. Based on my experience their system isn't that great for employees or their customers.
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Bad Business
Published : June 02, 2012 | Author : Saranac1968 | Views : 1240 | Unrated
Total Views : 1240
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Bad news. People she employs to clean private houses have stolen jewelry and other expensive items. These people have known drug problems. Goldstein does not inform homeowners.
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Rapid Remodeling and Steve Elia
Published : May 26, 2012 | Author : jstansbury | Views : 1139 | Unrated
Total Views : 1139
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Rapid Remodeling installed a shower improperly and refused to address the issue, even when water was dripping down onto the floor below
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Kitchen Advance and Gourmet Cooking Online
Published : May 24, 2012 | Author : lukemoby | Views : 1917 | Unrated
Total Views : 1917
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Kitchen Advance in Tempe, AZ is a scam.
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Taken For A Ride
Published : May 24, 2012 | Author : mshade | Views : 1170 | Unrated
Total Views : 1170
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I paid for a car and it was taken back before he entered the Army without a call, Email Or anyother form of communication. Not only Did I pay for the Car which he stole from me But I was not Paid for working for his Company.
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Target Pharmacy - unfair business practice
Published : May 24, 2012 | Author : heandimake4 | Views : 1257 | Unrated
Total Views : 1257
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pill shortage
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Brown's Transmissions - Outstanding Transmission Service
Published : May 21, 2012 | Author : BrandenMardis | Views : 1284 | Unrated
Total Views : 1284
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Brown's Transmissions - Honest people, outstanding customer service & work.
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Mothers day gift, gone bad!!!!
Published : May 21, 2012 | Author : 87654321 | Views : 1208 | Unrated
Total Views : 1208
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Petal Pushers sent a Duct Tape box with candy in it.
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escuela d' amore
Published : May 21, 2012 | Author : glnnsmart | Views : 1175 | Unrated
Total Views : 1175
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escuela d' amore non responsive regarding forwarding transcript to graduate school
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Skidril gas powered concrete drill
Published : May 20, 2012 | Author : SMBRF | Views : 1637 | Unrated
Total Views : 1637
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Skidril sold me a defective gas powered concrete drill and breaker. Did not stand by their product. fabricated stories to avoid addressing issues, Refused to correspond and ultimately kept 1260 dollars from a charitable organization and kept the defective product.
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Beware of ESTATE AFFAIRS company
Published : May 18, 2012 | Author : geteven | Views : 1603 | Unrated
Total Views : 1603
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Estate Affairs disguises themselves as estate liquidators but steals your belongings and later tells you everything was worthless and has been "donated".
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Shapell Homes
Published : May 14, 2012 | Author : marymerry | Views : 1188 | Unrated
Total Views : 1188
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Heavy office politics
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Published : May 14, 2012 | Author : tomo5012 | Views : 1237 | Unrated
Total Views : 1237
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Auto repair shop that ripped me off
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Ponzi Scheme- Chuck Aliahmed
Published : May 10, 2012 | Author : Ripped | Views : 1305 | Unrated
Total Views : 1305
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Runs a ponzi scheme and high priced mortgages
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Furniture Ripoff!!
Published : May 08, 2012 | Author : rjcfro | Views : 1240 | Unrated
Total Views : 1240
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Did not receive goods payed for, bad customer service, late delivery, received wrong furniture, refusal to provide correct items
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Ripped off by Helen Beauty Supply
Published : May 08, 2012 | Author : YorkieLover | Views : 1237 | Unrated
Total Views : 1237
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Helen Beauty Supply sold me an inferior product promised store credit in writing, returned item in original condition. He kept the item and my money.
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Bonnie Goldstein Cleaning Clifton Park, NY
Published : May 07, 2012 | Author : sarasoga5 | Views : 1246 | Unrated
Total Views : 1246
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Bonnie employed cleaning people that had police records and was aware of it and did not alert homeowners. Thousands of dollars of jewelry were stolen!
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Sad Story For A Business
Published : May 04, 2012 | Author : TheRealTruthOC | Views : 712 | Unrated
Total Views : 712
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Azar Florist taking advantage of cheap labor
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Beware of Medra Marketing
Published : April 24, 2012 | Author : stark1987 | Views : 686 | Unrated
Total Views : 686
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Unpaid wages
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Published : April 24, 2012 | Author : precision installation | Views : 691 | Unrated
Total Views : 691
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Vale Impi Polocrosse Club - Fraudelent Buisness
Published : April 19, 2012 | Author : CarlaL19 | Views : 673 | Unrated
Total Views : 673
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Fraudelent buisness and charity, deceiving and manipulative.
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Pristine Turbo 2005 Convertible Beetle
Published : April 18, 2012 | Author : kate38 | Views : 473 | Unrated
Total Views : 473
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The Mechanic Burnt up my Engine, forgot to fill oil back up when he said come get the car.
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