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Published : August 12, 2010 | Author : jimbrown117
Category : Real Estate | Total Views : 5302

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This company We Cosign states that they offer cosign services regardless of their credit. We went to their website and paid an application fee and we were never contacted by anyone from their office. We called repeatedly to try to get someone on the phone to discuss for an apartment that we were trying to rent. The customer service was appaulling and very rude. They stated that they do not cosign for people in my area. We told them that we live in South Central Los Angeles. We asked them to refund our application fee and they told us that it was non-refundable even though they could not help us. I am filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office and we are now looking for an attorney to file a lawsuit. We urge you not to use this company. You will be dissappointed and ripped off. If you have been ripped off by this company please email us at

Jim Brown
an African American
Response from WeCosign
Dear Mr. Jim Brown,

WECOSIGN prides itself on excellent customer service; we have returned every application fee that has been declined to date. In response to your posting, we have thoroughly searched our records and have not found any application under the name of Jim Brown.
We would ask, Mr. Brown, that you kindly call our office at 1-877-556-6807 if you are a legitimate person and supply any validation that you have supporting this complaint.
Finally, this complaint appears as though it is intentional in nature designed specifically to char the reputation of WECOSIGN.
Please be advised we have instituted a formal investigation into the TCIP address of this complaint.

Customer Service
The dispicable email sent to our family from WeCosign minutes before or after our complaint:
Jim Brown

Here is the email that I believe that was sent from We Cosign along with the email address:

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Black trash rant

Monday, August 9, 2010 4:00 PM



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You stinking black trash, get a job, and clean up your deadbeat credit history, and you would not need WeCosign.Quit smoking crack, pimping out your mom, wearing those nig baggy pants, listening to shit gansta rap, and get off your lazy ass and get a job, you worthless piece of trash
Our response to WeCosign:
Mr. We Cosign

I see now that when I make a complaint and let the public know how your company operates and the scam that you are running you now respond to me and my family. I received several emails from other We Cosign clients that you have scammed along with a racist email that I am sure that came from your office, in which I will be turning over to the authorities. This not a smear campaign this is strictly informing the public the practices of your company. Be aware I will not stop here I will put information about your company on every website that I find and make a formal complaint about these unscrupulous business practices. I will be making a complaint to the Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau TODAY".

Jim Brown
To all the public BE AWARE OF WECOSIGN!

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