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Aspen Dental Ocala Review Complaint

I called Aspen Dental in Ocala, FL and asked how much they would charge for a Crown for my Molar. They told me I would have to come into the office so they could take a look.  They said nothing about charging me anything when they made the appointment. On 1-10-18, I went to the office at 4910 E Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470. To my shock & surprise, ...
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Bates Motel Series Review

I'm a fan of Alfred Hitchcock and the original Psycho with Anthony Perkins. I decided to watch EP1 of A&E's Bates Motel on Netflix a few days ago until a unexpected violent rape scene started then I QUICKLY shut it off. Was one of the most DISGUSTING things I've ever seen. I feel violated and wish I could UN-see it. A Buzzfeed article stated (link below) that "It's graphic and hard ...
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Undeserved Negative eBay Feedback from tessieber04

I have been a ebay member since 2001 and had a 100% feedback score until my score was recently ruined by Ebay member tessieber04, by leaving unwarranted negative feedback about a transaction which I had to cancel due to the item getting broken. I cancelled the auction, informed Ebay member tessieber04 about the item getting broken and promptly refunded her money but that wasn't good enough for this VENGEFUL, HATEFUL, ...
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Chinese Restaurant Website Design Scam

I received a request from a ad posted on Craigslist from someone pretending to want a Chinese Restaurant Website Designed using the name Samson B. Walter. After I sent him some design samples, here's how he responded; "Perfect i have a private project consultant, she has the text content and the logos for the site with the image artwork, so please go ahead and get back to me with an ...
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Twitter Advertising Sucks

I tried running ads on twitter in several niches and received very few clicks and no sales. First of all, the PPC bids to get your ad seen are very expensive and your reach is determined by how much you bid.  When your determining how much to bid they have text advising you that other people have bid between $1.68 and $6 a click on average. For $1.00 a click you ...
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Google Removing Sites and Engaging in Censorship

https://youtu.be/07unP-i--xQ Are you a website owner who had a website which used to show in google's search results but now it's nowhere to be found, yet your site is still on page 1 of Bing & Yahoo? If the answer is YES, your not alone. In 2017, Google began removing independent sites & blogs from their index while primarily showing Big Business Corporate sites in their search results. This is Freedom ...
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HVAC, Heating & AC Repair Scams Exposed on Hidden Cameras

https://youtu.be/ZI9izru5rT4 Dateline investigates air conditioning repair services https://youtu.be/uvHVC8dvOhg AC Repair Scam https://youtu.be/XPJKGlDSL_k HVAC Sting https://youtu.be/_AQr4bucRx4 Furnace techs on hidden camera recommend unneeded repairs ...
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Tests Show Pets Has E Coli, Fungus and Bacteria

https://youtu.be/tjfgm3y8Sng Do your dogs or cats sleep with you every night? Inside Edition decided to test what else they might be bringing into the bed by swabbing the paws of some pet dogs and sending the swabs off for testing. It turned out that the dogs were carrying multiple types of bacteria and fungi, including a bad bug that can cause pneumonia and meningitis. All of the dogs that were ...
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Unsolicited Call from 484-327-9377

I received a unsolicited & unauthorized call from 484-327-9377. They used a auto dialer with a recorded message about lowering my Credit Card interest rate with was total BS because I don't have a CC, I use debit cards. I'm on the do-not-call list.  This scammer violated FTC laws by calling me so I'm filing a complaint to donotcall.gov https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx The phone company for 484-327-9377 is allconnect.com. You can also ...
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Scam Targeting Ocala Electric Utility Customers

Ocala Electric Utility is warning residents about a bill payment scam that is targeting utility customers. Post Date: 03/29/2017 5:07 PM OCALA, Fla. (March 29, 2017) – Ocala Electric Utility is warning residents about a bill payment scam that is targeting utility customers. Individuals and businesses have reported receiving telephone calls or emails that claim their electricity will be turned off within hours, or other threats, unless they make an ...
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No Change Given at Florida Suncoast Turnpike Toll Booths

On Friday April 14, 2017 I traveled from Ocala to Oviedo FL to look at a Player Piano listed on Craigslist on Freedom Trail in Oviedo, FL I took the FL-434 EXIT 44 around 1PM on April 14, 2017 and was shocked to find there were only 2 choices to pay; a E-Pass or exact change which I didn't have, and didn't know would be required.  The toll was $1.00.  ...
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10 Year Old Boy With Autism Arrested at Florida School

https://youtu.be/H2ZGWg6FlW8 ABC News Video title: Uproar over arrest of 10-year-old boy with autism https://youtu.be/92oAYOlyoHA John Haygood, a 10 year old autistic student at Okeechobee Achievement Academy in Okeechobee, Florida, was arrested at the school last for felony battery against a paraprofessional in an October incident, allegedly punching and kicking his paraprofessional, which left scratches and marks, according to an incident report from the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office. The incident occurred ...
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Gas Pump Ripoff?

https://youtu.be/NFWzMSsB0SI Video shows charges increasing at a gas pump after a customer stops pumping gas at a Chevron station in Los Angeles ...
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United Airlines Removes Paying Customer by Force

https://youtu.be/IZqjYt85zKI https://youtu.be/weu_iqlJwJw Video of police officers dragging a passenger (David Dao a doctor from Elizabethtown Kentucky), from a United Airlines flight. A United spokesman conceded Tuesday that the flight was sold out but not “overbooked," as the airline originally claimed, meaning four ticketed passengers, including the man, were kicked off the plane to make way for crew members that United said needed to make the flight as reported here; https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/04/11/whos-losing-internet-and-plenty-customers-united-airlines/100295762/ As ...
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Why Donald Trump Won & Hillary Clinton / Democrats Lost

Republicans, both politicians and republican constituents has hated Hillary Clinton for years. For the past 2 years, Hillary Clinton was investigated by Republicans for four deaths in Benghazi and for emails. Hillary Clinton Should Not Have Ran for President If Hillary and Bill Clinton had any sense, they would have been well aware of the fact that Hillary was the most disliked candidate Democrats could have as their presidential candidate and would unify the maximum ...
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Sprint Credit Check Without my Permission

I went to a Sprint store in Ocala Florida to sign up for services.  The situation I wanted and was told I would be getting is that I would get a total of 4 phones by paying $190 cash for the 1st phone, get 3 more phones for free, pay the $60 activation fee for 2 lines and $64.50 per month for 4 lines. First problem, when I came to ...
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