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  • Why Donald Trump Won & Hillary Clinton / Democrats Lost (1/18/2017) by politicalopinions - Republicans, both politicians and republican constituents has hated Hillary Clinton for years. For the past 2 years, Hillary Clinton was investigated by Republicans for four deaths in Benghazi and for emails. Hillary Clinton Should Not Have Ran for President If Hillary and Bill Clinton had any sense, they would have been well aware of
  • Spirit Airlines Unprofessionalism (6/27/2013) by jkdverdan - My flight from Costa Rica to Ft. Lauderdale was cancelled on Friday and Spirit could only get me a flight 3 days later. Although they offered hotel vouchers, I did not need one because the family I was staying with lives close by. In order for Spirit to change my
  • Where’s the Refund from FootSmart in Memphis, TN (11/2/2012) by sue.helgesen - Around 8/22/2012 I received 2 Exform night splints to try and I paid by American Express. Didn't like so Sept.7 2012 my social worker helped me send back. She lost the receipt and I do not remember any kind of a send back sales receipt. FootSmart in Memphis, TN owes
  • Muffler Man repairs not done right (7/16/2012) by splitin88 - On 05/31/12 I took my car in to the Muffler Man on a referral from a person who works next door to them. My clutch went out and I was leaking oil. My boyfriend said he could get me a clutch cheaper but the shop said they couldn't warranty it
  • Boycott Ocala Florida McDonalds (7/1/2012) by boycott - I had been taking my son to the Ocala McDonalds on Silver Springs Blvd since he was 3. In March 2012, they tore the McDonalds down which had been on Silver Springs Blvd since the 1980's and the management stated that they will not be putting a Play Place for
  • Star Batt Inc. ,Rochester Hills, MI Complaint (6/21/2012) by smbizowners - May 3rd and 4th, Overnight rain and storms May 3rd. Morning of May 4th entered front lobby to more roof leakage and flooding on floors. HVAC also flooded AGAIN and not working. Still no progress with these issues and no attempt to provide us with documented repairs or any documentation
  • Shock Treatments Quack Medicine, May Cause Alzheimer’s (3/14/2012) by noshocks - In 1938 Dr. Ugo Cerletti became interested in how pigs were prepared for slaughter by being electrically shocked through the temples. This rendered them unconscious but did not kill them. The idea to use ECT in humans came first to Dr. Cerletti after watching pigs being electrically shocked before being butchered in Rome. The
  • Marion Browning-Baker Still in Germany Scamming Clients (3/3/2012) by LawyerTrash - One of Marion Browning-Baker's ex-clients informed our network (now a total of 59) recently that Browning-Baker NEVER DEPARTED Germany after all! She only moved apartments and changed her office (which doesn't exist other than her kitchen table) phone number to 49-711-222-54480. This number is answered by the same German public
  • US Case Against MegaUpload Weak (1/23/2012) by ireporter - MegaUpload is no more guilty of pirated content than Youtube and it seems the US Government is singling out MegaUpload. It can be proven that MegaUpload removes copyrighted material when reported to them. Just like Youtube, MegaUpload is protected by the Communications Decency Act. The CDA provides that when a user writes and posts material on
  • DISAPPEARED Lawyer Marion Browning-Baker (12/27/2011) by LawyerTrash - Does anyone know where lawyer Marion Browning-Baker is hiding these days? Her 58 ex-clients who network regularly on the list maintained by mjbb.scams@yahoo.com all want to know! One of the 58, who claims she billed him over $20,000 without doing any real legal work other than write emails back and
  • Flippa Alternative (12/21/2011) by netguy - I have several complaints about Flippa.com Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites. First, their fee of $19 per site or domain just to create a listing. Then, to get your listing to stand out amoung the thousands of other listings they charge $50 to feature your listing on the front
  • DropDay.com – Registercompass FREE Alternative (11/21/2011) by netguy - A domain with pagerank and backlinks can put you way ahead of brand new domains in terms of getting your site indexed quickly and getting traffic. I have used Registercompass.com in the past and found it to be a good service but I hate paying $37 a month. I recently
  • HATE Dean Foods TruMoo Chocolate Milk (10/3/2011) by ireporter - TG Lee Dairy here in Florida used to have the BEST Chocolate Milk. A few months ago, I noticed that I could not find TG Lee Chocolate Milk in any of the stores and the only Chocolate Milk I could find was TruMoo 1% Chocolate Milk. I did some investigating
  • NEVER USE Marion Browning-Baker Family Law Practice in Germany (7/5/2011) by semperfiwife - I know this Browning-Baker is a total crook. She took almost $30,000 from me to get divorced in Germany. I later found out from a JAG office over here that under German law, I could have easily done the entire divorce for under $5,000 if I went straight to a
  • Marion Browning-Baker – NOT an Honest Lawyer (6/11/2011) by SpecOpsMSG - I am another person Marion Browning-Baker ripped off for over $30,000. We now have a group of over 50 people identified who have all been ripped by her since she started in the 1990's. We are urging everyone to write to the Georgia State Bar (they have a website with
  • More On Lawyer Marion Browning-Baker in Germany (5/16/2011) by Stryker4ever - I used this lawyer in 2001. She charged me $26,300 and never got me divorced. All she did was write emails back and forth with some stateside lawyer which I was not allowed to talk to because she made me sign a statement that I would not do that. Then
  • USfreeads Review Complaints (4/26/2011) by pissedconsumer - In March 2011 I paid USFreeAds.com $9.95 to place some ads. Although they claim to be free, you have to pay so I think the name is misleading. In April 2011 I logged into my paypal account and found that they charged me $9.95 for another month. I sent them
  • AVOID Marion Browning-Baker (2/10/2011) by DirtyArmyLawyer - Marion Browning-Baker, ex US Army JAG lawyer and currently presenting her status as a US Army Reservist, has been operating her "family law practice" out of her home in Stuttgart, Germany since 1996.  The only problem:  It is NOT a law practice but a systematic and methodical financial SCAM against every active duty service
  • Why Hospitals Overcharge the Uninsured (1/18/2011) by lydersen - https://youtu.be/3HvKvQPXLqs https://youtu.be/cSCBrenXPao https://youtu.be/ldJEIH2uWq0 The 41.2 million Americans without health insurance are often forced to pay up to 70 percent more than insurance companies do for healthcare bills. Rose Shaffer is a homecare nurse and grandmother of seven who lives on Chicago's south side. Though she spends all day caring for
  • Vonage Deceptive Business Practice (12/28/2010) by daisy2002 - Be aware that Vonage is deceptive in its advertisement and service charges We were told that the monthly charge for phone services was $25.99 for the unlimited calls, including domestic, long distance and international. So, we signed up in October 2010. We were also told that we must use a