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  • Why Donald Trump Won & Hillary Clinton / Democrats Lost (1/18/2017) - Republicans, both politicians and republican constituents has hated Hillary Clinton for years. For the past 2 years, Hillary Clinton was investigated by Republicans for four deaths in Benghazi and for emails. Hillary Clinton Should Not Have Ran for President If Hillary and Bill Clinton had any sense, they would have been well aware of
  • Boycott McDonalds Ocala (7/1/2012) - I have been taking my son to the Ocala McDonalds on Silver Springs Blvd since he was 3. In March 2012, they tore the McDonalds down which has been on Silver Springs Blvd since the 1980's and the management stated that they will not be putting a Play Place for
  • US Case Against MegaUpload Weak (1/23/2012) - MegaUpload is no more guilty of pirated content than Youtube and it seems the US Government is singling out MegaUpload. It can be proven that MegaUpload removes copyrighted material when reported to them. Just like Youtube, MegaUpload is protected by the Communications Decency Act. The CDA provides that when a user writes and posts material on
  • HATE Dean Foods TruMoo Chocolate Milk (10/3/2011) - TG Lee Dairy here in Florida used to have the BEST Chocolate Milk. A few months ago, I noticed that I could not find TG Lee Chocolate Milk in any of the stores and the only Chocolate Milk I could find was TruMoo 1% Chocolate Milk. I did some investigating
  • USfreeads Review Complaints (4/26/2011) - In March 2011 I paid USFreeAds.com $9.95 to place some ads. Although they claim to be free, you have to pay so I think the name is misleading. In April 2011 I logged into my paypal account and found that they charged me $9.95 for another month. I sent them
  • Why Hospitals Overcharge the Uninsured (1/18/2011) - The 41.2 million Americans without health insurance are often forced to pay up to 70 percent more than insurance companies do for healthcare bills. Rose Shaffer is a homecare nurse and grandmother of seven who lives on Chicago's south side. Though she spends all day caring for the health of